26 Febuary 2022

Hey everyone, i decided to share some news with you!

Events happening in Ukraine

2 days ago, Russia has invaded Ukraine, and we decided to evacuate somewhere to stay safe (i hope our house won't get exploded lol)

Ukraine also told people to cancel Russia from Twitter after this, and idk what was then...

I also found another tweet about leaking infromation from Annonymous legion:

I'll still update my Neocities website, if i can...

Another website?

I also had an idea to make another website in the style of websites that were around 2007/2014, which will be hosted on Github Pages

The reason why it's because i want to host things that Neocities doesn't allow without a supporter plan.

Final note

I'm also going to tell all Ukrainans around: Stay safe! This is the only way we can save ourselves from Russian aggressors!

Thanks for reading this blog post!